Become a Volunteer Firefighter

Firefighter facing blaze

Did you know over 80% of all fire protection in the US is provided by volunteers???

Timberline Fire Protection District is a combination agency consisting of career, part-time and volunteer personnel. Our services simply could not be provided without our volunteer members. Volunteering is an exciting and rewarding option to give back to your community, meet new friends, gain incredible skills and experiences.

No experience is necessary, we provide you with access to training to become a certified emergency responder. We provide training in structural fire, wild land fire, emergency medical response, hazardous materials and technical rescue. We provide all necessary equipment and tools. Flexibility is a hallmark of Timberline. Whether you're looking to turn firefighting into a career, are just looking to help out your neighbors, or anything in between, we have volunteer programs built for you. We understand that everyone has commitments outside of fire and we're proud to go to great lengths to accommodate.

As a member of the Timberline Fire Protection District you have opportunity to respond to a variety of emergencies.

Interested in applying?

Complete the volunteer application form, and submit with a valid copy of your drivers license:

Timberline Fire/Golden Gate Fire Volunteer Application

Complete the forms with your signature and return forms to our offices by these any of these means:

Scan and

Fax- (303) 582-3481


Timberline Fire Protection - Recruitment
660 Highway 46
Black Hawk, CO 80422

Once your application is received it will be reviewed. If approved, you will be contacted for the next steps to get you involved in the organization and start your journey developing into one of the nations premier emergency responders.

Serving our Neighbors at Home

Team firefighting training

Crews about to make entry at Black Hawk Fire Department training burn building

Cabin burning

We know what to do when we show up to this! You never know what your next shift will bring...

Helicopter fill-up at lake

Helicopter bucket operations at a local lake during a recent wildland fire. Wildland firefighting a major part of our job in the mountains. We ensure we are prepared for major incidents!!