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Elected Officials - Board of Directors


BOARD WORKSHOP:  June 12, 2024 @ 12:30 PM
Agenda and Supporting Documents 

REGULAR MEETING: June 18, 2024 (traveling meeting) 
LOCATION: Timberline Station #1, 5927 Magnolia Road, Nederland CO 80466
Open House 5:00PM, Board meeting begins at 7:00PM
Agenda and supporting documents

All Regular meetings have been moved to Station #3 (Fritz Peak Observatory), please note that many of our meetings travel to different stations. Any changes to the district board meeting schedule will be posted above within the 24-hour notice posting requirements, or earlier. The District Board meets in-person, online meetings do not regularly occur. 

Public Inquires
All other inquiries can be directed to our Administrative Chief, or by contacting the offices on the Contact Us page at (303) 582-5768 x701 during office hours.

Board of Directors meeting agendas, minutes and more documents can be found on our Public Records page.

Public Record Requests (CORA)
Please refer to our Public Records Request Page.

Timberline Board of Directors

Richard M. Wenzel, Board President

John Bushey, Vice Chairman

John Carder, Member at Large

Mary Kate McKenna, Member at Large

Kristin Turner, Member at Large



Timberline Fire Protection District - Station #7

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